Polyamory Media Association

Polyamory Media Association

We help the media for print, radio, film, television and internet find polyamorous people who are willing and interested in participating in media events, such as news articles, interviews, talk shows, documentaries, and more! We can get the media in contact with those specific types of people being focused on in time for those important deadlines. We also offer resources to average poly folk to help prepare for media coverage, including how to make sure everyone is treated fairly.

We also have qualified public speakers for lectures and workshops for colleges, churches, conventions, and any organization who is interested in education about polyamory in the form of lectures, panels, and workshops. We can help researchers gather people for surveys and studies about alternative sexualities. We work with folks who practice polyamory, responsible non-monogamy, open marriages, open relationships, triads, quads, networks, tribes, swingers, and those who don't choose any label but prefer a nontraditional relationship style.


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