New Queer Order Enterprises Inc Radio Resources

New Queer Order Enterprises Inc Radio Resources

Our Purpose, Vision, and Values

We are a vision-driven organization. Our values, vision and purpose are grounded in connecting the queer community to self-sustaining cooperative employment opportunities, networks and resources.  We stand in solidarity with social movements that support elevating the voices and needs of those that are the least heard. Our long-term strategy is to develop resources and enterprises that help the underserved peoples of our queer community find power and independence through cooperative work that focuses on the building and expansion of a queer owned and operated company. 

Our Purpose

Queer liberation.

Our Vision

To develop business strategies that grow a queer cooperative that creates economic opportunity and community engagement around the most pressing issues facing the queer community.

Our Values

We are a cooperative, queer, intersectional, feminist organization.  We are in service to those in our queer family that have been left behind by capitalism and conservative status quo ideology.

  •     We are employee driven and owned
  •     We are non-hierarchical 
  •     We are here for queers and all who fall under our umbrella 
  •     We are here to elevate queer female and POC voices
  •     We are here to listen to the queer community and stand in support in any way we are able
  •     We are motivated by social needs- not capital

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