San Pedro

San Pedro

One of San Pedro de Atacama's most popular tours is the archeological tour, a history journey though the Chilean archeological capital, San Pedro de Atacama, visiting the Tulor village, the Quitor Pukara and the archeology Museum in San Pedro de Atacama.


Located at 10 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama, this pre-Columbian village is an example of the sedentary lifestyle of the region. You may visit the area on your own or take an excursion leaving from San Pedro de Atacama.  This small village is around 3,000 years old. It had a population of approximately 150 to 200 inhabitants during that period. Their main activity was ceramic, textile, agriculture, and livestock farming, like San Pedro de Atacama. The architecture of the time had circular clay buildings joined together with patios and passageways that interacted with one another.

The frequent wind in San Pedro de Atacama over time caused this village to be buried in sand. Today on this location you will find a museum that has reproduced the original homes with the same elements of the period. There is a viewpoint that allows you to see the formation of San Pedro de Atacama.


The impressive construction in San Pedro de Atacama, dating back to the XII century, is made up of blocks built with large rocks alternating with smaller ones joined with mud. Terracing and retaining wall techniques were used in its construction. Around 200 structures can be seen, some larger than others. Its name comes from a pre-Hispanic agricultural group “Ayllu de Quitor,” whose farming fields start at the foot of the Pukara and are fed by the San Pedro de Atacama River. Its location and structure were mainly for defensive and strategic purposes for San Pedro de Atacama and as an ancient route. The village would later be occupied by the Inca when they dominated San Pedro de Atacama.

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