TransHealth Coordinators

TransHealth Coordinators

Many of us in the transgender community have been overlooked by health care providers for various reasons. The goal of TransHealth Coordinators is to offer education to the medical community while still offering different options in obtaining health services for everyone in the trans community.

Health care providers are in a position to have great influence over the quality of care patients receive. Unfortunately, some may not have the information they need to offer appropriate care to transgender patients.

No person needs to be refused medical care because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender expression. Nor should any person be treated in a disrespectful or demeaning way. It is a personal goal of the director of TransHealth Coordinators to provide resources and options to all transgender or non-gender conforming individuals.

One goal of our website is to help those who might be in need of obtaining health care, but are challenged due to money, culture or social issues. Another goal is to help as a resource guide for health care providers in regard to quality of care for transgender patients.

And finally, our mission is always to help educate both the public and health care providers to practice tolerance toward all people who identify as transgender.

TransHealth Coordinators is a non-profit, educational organization whose dual purpose is to help the transgender community access safe, compassionate and respectful health care, and to advise health care professionals on better ways to serve their transgender patients. We achieve this by offering resources, health screenings at conferences, and by helping to bring about satisfactory solutions to health care grievances by employing education and sensitivity training.


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 great organization, 03-27-2011 11:41AM

By: Jennifer

Jennifer Barge is amazing with how she has stepped up to help the transgender community access health care, become empowered with knowledge and educate primary health-care providers. Here in the Alexandria VA area we respect all her hard work she puts into TransHealth Coordinators!

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