Chesapeake Psychological Services

Chesapeake Psychological Services

All psychological treatment begins with a diagnostic evaluation to determine the appropriate clinical diagnosis. This assessment includes questions about the problem/s, personal and family history, and a review of current life stressors. Diagnostic psychological evaluations assess numerous psychological functions, depending on the purpose of the evaluation. Comprehensive psychological evaluations include the administration of standardized psychological tests. Such an evaluation may take several hours, or even several days, depending on the problems being assessed, and the reason for the assessment. Your psychologist is highly trained to perform intelligence, aptitude, achievement and emotional testing.

Once a diagnosis is made and psychodynamics are assessed, a treatment plan is developed to guide doctor and patient toward recovery. The diagnostic process continues during psychotherapy and is constantly updated as old problems resolve and new issues come to the surface. Psychologists reassess problems and symptoms as therapy progresses, always considering other possible treatment plans.

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