Erik Edler, Counseling & Psychotherapy

Erik Edler, Counseling & Psychotherapy

It's important to find a therapist who gets you and that you click with. My expertise is in working with the LGBT gay and lesbian communities of San Luis Obispo (SLO), the Central Coast, Paso Robles, the Five Cities area, Santa Maria, and San Luis Obispo County. Finding a therapist who can really help is the first and most important step. My treatment approach is very interactive, focusing on education, emotional processing, and skill-building. I feel it's important to be real with clients, to really listen, to always be supportive, and to give honest feedback. You'll discover new ways of thinking about yourself and your partner, and the issues you face. Most importantly, you're going to need a new skill set to get past the challenges you are currently facing, whether as a couple or as an individual.

My specializations are:

  • Gay and Lesbian Counseling & Psychotherapy. I'm the therapist who can truly "get" you and understand the issues you're facing. The LGBT gay and lesbian communities of San Luis Obispo (SLO) and the Central Coast need the counseling, guidance, and support that can really help improve their lives. These are difficult times and the pressures on gay and lesbian people can be intense. You can be assured that I can help you face and deal with the issues specific to the gay and lesbian communities.
  • Anxiety Counseling and Depression Counseling. You *can* overcome the difficult feelings that hold you back. Anxiety and depression can be so difficult and can feel so engrained; but therapy can help free you from both of these painful conditions.
  • Midlife Crisis / Midlife Transition & other major life transitions. With all the various challenges and difficult emotions that present themselves during times of change. This might include career difficulties, dealing with a long-term relationship, coming out in midlife, or seeking a new relationship, among many other life transitions.
  • Life Coaching. You can reach your *best* potential. It's about knowing who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, how to emphasize your strengths and manage your weaknesses, and finding the clarity and confidence you need to go forward into the next phase of your life.
  • Couples Counseling / Relationship Counseling. My approach to couples counseling is based on the simple principle that it takes two healthy individuals to make a healthy couple. The "couplehood" is an emergent property of two healthy people relating to each other well. Therefore, my approach is to meet with each member of the couple separately, alternating weeks. Periodically we have joint sessions with both members present. After many years, I have found this to be the most effective approach by far for improving a relationship. I also meet with clients who want to work on their relationship, but their partner is not interested in joining them.
  • Faith & Spirituality.¬†LGBT Gay and lesbian people are often people of faith and/or have deep spiritual sensibilities and convictions. But sometimes it gets complicated. You might have suffered spiritual abuse from a church while growing up. Or you might be wrestling with how to reconcile your faith and your sexuality. You might be curious about spiritual issues in general, but not know where to begin. I would be happy to walk alongside you on your journey of exploration.

Please feel free to contact me for a free 30-minute phone consultation, and we can talk a little about the issues you're facing, and then decide how we can best go forward.

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Specialization(s): LGBT Gay & Lesbian Counseling, Anxiety, Depression, Midlife Crisis, Relationships, Life Coaching, Couples Counseling, Life Transitions

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