CIMPA (Connected International Meeting Professionals Association) is an online association of meeting professionals with a mission.

CIMPA's mission is to connect people of different cultures through meetings, travel and the internet for the purpose of promoting understanding, tolerance and friendships.

We believe that meeting attendees and travelers are like social bees in that they promote cross-pollination of ideas as they travel from place to place. Cross-pollination produces hybrid vigor and productivity. Self-pollination of those who stay stagnant in one place produces abnormalities, hence low productivity and inferior genetic quality.

CIMPA basically assumes that state-of-the-art tools and methodology are needed for efficient travel and meetings and provides its members with opportunities to acquire these skills. But its primary focus is on results. Counting coffee cups, watching the clock and other logistical concerns are not as important to us as defining the objectives of the meeting, achieving them and allowing attendees to experience the world and bond with its people.

Needless to say, there is a significant difference in philosophy between CIMPA and other meeting planning organizations.


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