Hablemex - Learn Spanish through Immersion Vacation

Hablemex - Learn Spanish through Immersion Vacation

You will spend a luxurious Spanish immersion vacation in beautiful Zihuatanejo, Guerro, Mexico. Your Spanish speaking only personal "Amigo(a)" will show you the attractions of this tropical paradise. At the end of the experience you will be amazed at how your Spanish language ability had improved.

You will create your own persona itinerary which will include the following sites:


This is an excellent place to enjoy your morning coffee, walk and have a delicious brunch or enjoy a meal of fresh seafood. The specialty of the house is “pescado a la talla.”


This is a traditional zone offers a chance to experience the ocean and fresh water that come together to produce a variety of freshly caught seafood. You can ask for what you type of fish that you want, and they will catch it right then and there.


This is the hotel and international zone of Zihuatanejo where you will find top notch hotels, bars, restaurants and the nightlife of Zihuatanejo.


This is an extension of the hotel zone of Itxtapa/Zihuatanejo where you can find a crocodile farm, artisan’s market, restaurants where you can find fresh fish. This also where you can find the dock to the Isla de Ixtapa.


This is a place of crystal clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling and has many restaurants. There are three beaches. The restaurants are very good but a bit pricey.


This is a town about 18  miles from Ixtapa/Zijuatanejo has small shops and local restaurants. The golden sanded beaches are clean and the restaurants are good and not as expensive as the island of Ixtapa.


This is another town located about 19 miles from Zihuatanejo that has a very traditional church to visit. Many people go there every day. It is also an excellent place to buy gold jewelry as has been the tradition for many years. One can shop the small stands. The 75th Infantry battalion is a located here.


This is a stop off place located 21 miles from Zihuatanejo that has seafood restaurants and has one of the most impressive views of the Pacific Ocean. It is 36 miles from Zihuatanejo.


This is tourist location and capitol of the 113 municipalities that make up the state of Michoacán with eight beautiful beaches. Playa Eréndira is the principal beach where one can find freshly caught seafood and friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy a hot springs sauna.


One of the most beautiful beaches in the region is found in the town of Tecpan de Galeana. It has a beautiful beach that is perfect for nature lovers. It even has the largest natural pool in Guerrero. In addition to that, it has a rich offering to please your pallet.

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