How to Bankrupt Your Student Loans

How to Bankrupt Your Student Loans

Welcome to How to Bankrupt Your Student Loans and Other Discharge Strategies

This website is dedicated to helping honest debtors struggling with student loans to discharge or reduce their debts through bankruptcy or other means.

  • Are you considering or entering into bankruptcy and want to include your student loans? Don’t let others tell you it is impossible to bankrupt your student loans. It is possible and you can do it yourself. We give specific details on how to file an adversary proceeding in conjunction with your bankruptcy to have the court determine if repaying your student loans create an “undue hardship” and should be discharged.
  • Have you already been through bankruptcy and only now learned that you may have been able to include your student loans. We now have explicit information on how you can reopen the bankruptcy for the purpose of discharging your student loans.
  • Perhaps you are not considering bankruptcy but want to explore filing a Compromise or Write-Off? We give concise information on these strategies and the keys for effective negotiations with the lender.
  • Many other discharge strategies are discussed.

You can do it! No attorney needed! Remember, if you do not try to have your loans discharged, you will be stuck with them—possibly for the rest of your life. There goes your dream of owning a house and more. Filing fees are zero. You have nothing to lose. We will show you how.

Besides focusing on the direct needs of debtors to obtain discharge of their student loan debt, we are here to help organize community efforts to affect the political process to address the student loan debt morass.

Newly Revised & Updated for 2020!

How to Bankrupt Your Student Loans & other discharge strategyThis reference book has been completely revised and updated for 2020. It is now almost 100 pages longer with many more case studies — including 34 case studies where debtors won a discharge of their student loans. How to Bankrupt Your Student Loans and Other Discharge Strategies is the only book to take you through the adversary proceeding to discharge your student loans through bankruptcy. The book may be purchased through Amazon.

To purchase the book, visit Amazon.

Once you purchased the book, you may register at this website to gain FREE access to additional resources to help you with your own court case. This includes instructional videos for each step of the way. We hope you the best.

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