Karen/Charles Stidham, Artist

Karen/Charles Stidham, Artist

I am an Artist for Hire who does portrait work, cartooning and illustrations in pen & ink, brush & ink, pencil, color pencil, and acrylic paint.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for your commission to be completed. Work is usually done within 4 weeks and some time sooner depending on my work load, but I cover my butt with the 6-8 week deadline.

As for payment, I take half up front and the remaining balance when I am done.

Artwork will not be turned over to you until your check clears (meaning my bank has collected the money, not just verified that you have the funds). You get your art immediately if you pay with cash.

Shipping depends on what you are having done and how you want it shipped. You may personally pick up any completed work yourself but please call first.


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