Lee Balan Artist

Lee Balan Artist

I am my own business. I am an experiment in living. I create visual art as well as prose and poetry. I'm an actor and performer. I'm for sale. My visual art, concepts, installations, and experiments in literature are also for sale. I offer photographic narratives that I've created using Photoshop. The digital art is mounted and laminated. I have an anti-war series called "Welcome to New Jerusalem." I create assemblages that combine imagery and found objects. I also use acrylic paint on canvas to create meaningful abstractions. All for sale. I've performed poetry at the Palm Springs Museum of Art and other venues in California. I recently published a novel called "Alien Journal" which can be purchased at Amazon.com and other internet sites. I starred in the movie "Anno Domino Dracula," a cult film where I played the infamous vampire. None of this compares with my ground breaking work in Inter-Dimensional Travel. I created the first "doorway" to another world where I collect samples and document events for my ongoing investigations into alternate realities. From time to time I sell some highly valuable samples I've collected during my investigations. I write a blog about my adventures.

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