Maternity Maven

Maternity Maven

Hi! I'm Kodiak, the Maternity Maven, and I created a mother-centered service inspired to change the world... one magnificent mama at a time. 

I support women from fertility, throughout their pregnancy, and up until their first year postpartum. I help women safely get pregnancy, ease their symptoms naturally, and support the groundwork for their and their child’s life-long health. I do that by using the latest nutritional science and research combined with proven ancient traditions and technique’s our ancestors have been using for thousands of years.

I take in this information and create personalized plans that reflect the unique experience and history of each mother and use a variety of tools including individualized mean plans, recipes and cooking support, flower essences and herbal teas, journaling, support groups and self-care routines, etc. to support the emotional, physical, and mental challenges that women face during their journey. 

Why is an individualized protocol important? Your baby is or is going to be a unique being unlike any human that has ever been created before. Why would your body be any different? You won't find a one diet or herb fits all program here. Everything I do is catered to what your unique needs, worries, and body tells me.  

I support your transformational pregnancy that connects your family on a deeper level and allows your baby to grow up nourished, supported, and vital. Nurtured babies grow up with the foundation they need to leave their impact on the world. 

At the end of the day, you are my priority. You will have me there every step of the way, from conception to birth and beyond.?


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