Baby Nurse and Doula services

Baby Nurse and Doula services

At Baby Nurse and Doula Services, we tailor our services according to your needs, We are professionals coaching families having babies. With extensive training and 24 years of experience, we are able to coach, guide, and teach you to succeed in parenthood since day number one.

We are based in Los Angeles but available as your Traveling Baby Nurse or your International Doula. 

We are Specialized in Preemies, Newborn care & Twins; supporting families with babies through birth, adoption, or surrogacy. We will educate, guide & teach you to be able to handle your little one., we will assist you with Breastfeeding or provide you bottle feeding / Chest feeding support and coach.

As a creator of healthy Sleep patterns: Infant Sleep Training is one of her specialties where your little one will be sleeping 12 hours by 12 weeks

Postpartum Recovery massage provided to the birth mother or Massage for just relaxation to get rid of the stress to the *Parent Needed*.

For more information about my services please feel free to visit my website  Baby Nurse and Doula Services 

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 Veronica, 04-04-2024 09:04AM

By: Shaylee P

We chose Veronica as our post-partum doula for our second daughter and are so happy that we did. She brought a peace into our home with her presence and she had a calming effect on our daughter where she always felt completely comfortable in her arms. We knew that our baby was always in good hands.

Veronica is a kind-hearted Doula and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of care not only as a newborn care doula, but for mother's as well. She provided tender Breastfeeding coaching to me while I was going through milk supply issues and was sympathetic to my struggles. I experienced a death in my family within 2 weeks after giving birth and I don't know how I would have gotten through it without Veronica's sweet encouragement and assistance. She also showed such patience and kindness to our toddler and two dogs who all were also glad to have her attention.

We are pleased to have had her support in the beginning of our daughter's life and are grateful to call her our friend.

 Thank you Veronica!, 02-10-2024 03:05PM

By: Karen

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the outstanding postpartum support from Baby Nurse and Doula Services after the birth of my first child. I wanted to find a Carrot Doula provider fully certified to whom I could trust completely my transition into motherhood while also teaching me and taking great care of my newborn. Veronica, our postpartum Doula, stood out not only for her vaste trainings and expertise but also as a New parent educator, teaching and helping us gain confidence in caring for our baby.

In the first week, our Doula Veronica seamlessly transitioned into the role of a daytime lactation consultant, providing crucial guidance on how to properly breastfeed a baby and helping our baby gain weight and begin our process to build a milk supply. Her expertise and reassuring presence were a lifeline during those early days.

As weeks passed, Veronica continued her support as a night newborn care doula, giving my husband and I the rest we needed while patiently taking loving care of our baby overnight allowing us to get the peaceful rest we much needed.

Veronica has been a major help in establishing a solid routine for my baby. Her presence created a supportive and caring environment that gave us a positive start to our journey into parenthood. Thanks to her guidance, my baby reliably wakes up every 3 hours, making our days more predictable. Veronica strikes a good balance between contact napping (kangaroo care) for emotional bonding and teaching my baby to sleep independently in his crib right from the start.

Even though my time with Veronica is ending, I feel well equipped to take care of my baby on my own after learning from her. For anyone seeking postpartum support that goes beyond the basics, offering education, guidance, and genuine care, I recommend Baby Nurse and Doula Services. Veronica is an advocate, ally, and expert, playing a crucial role in our journey into parenthood. She is a Carrot Doula provider and is one of the best hat we will not hesitate in bringing her back for baby #2.

Thank you Veronica, Micah & Mommy!

 A Wonderfully Supportive Presence in Our Parenthood Journey, 02-07-2024 02:39PM

By: Ted and Nicole D

I am writing this review with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and admiration for the exceptional care and support provided by our beloved baby night nurse. Her expertise as a new parent educator, postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, and breastfeeding educator has been nothing short of extraordinary, making our transition into parenthood an incredibly smooth and joyous journey.

From the moment she stepped into our home, her caring demeanor and genuine passion for her work were evident. As new and older parents, we were initially overwhelmed with the challenges that come with caring for a newborn, but she quickly put us at ease with her extensive knowledge and comforting presence. Her role as a new parent educator became evident as she patiently guided us through every aspect of caring for our precious little one, imparting invaluable knowledge that empowered us with confidence.

In her capacity as a postpartum doula, our night nurse went above and beyond to create a nurturing environment for both our baby and us. Her unwavering support extended beyond the basic duties, as she became a trusted companion during those late-night feeds and diaper changes. Her genuine care and concern for our well-being were truly heartwarming.

The expertise she brought as a newborn care specialist was evident in her meticulous attention to detail. Our baby thrived under her watchful eye, and we felt reassured knowing that our little one was in the hands of someone so dedicated and skilled (over 24 years). Her ability to anticipate the needs of our baby, coupled with her gentle touch, made all the difference in ensuring our baby felt secure and loved.

As a breastfeeding educator, our night nurse provided invaluable guidance that transformed what could have been a challenging experience into a beautiful bonding opportunity. Her patience and encouragement were instrumental in helping us navigate the intricacies of breastfeeding.

Moreover, her provision of relaxing massage therapy not only helped new mothers like myself establish milk supply but also offered much-needed relaxation and unwinding during a challenging time.

In addition, I want to address the notion I came across in other reviews labeling her approach as "bossy." From our perspective, her direct approach and guidance stemmed from a place of experience and expertise, which we deeply appreciated. Your ability to be clear and to the point was exactly what we needed as first-time parents navigating uncharted territory.

Simply put, our night nurse has been a true blessing, embodying the qualities of a caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated professional. We wholeheartedly recommend her services to any new parents seeking not only an expert in newborn care but also a compassionate and understanding companion during this precious time. Thank you, Veronica, for being an integral part of our journey into parenthood.

With deepest gratitude,

Nicole & Ted D.

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