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 Cliquish Fish, 10-18-2012 11:11AM

By: Sting Ray

I've worked out with many teams over the years. After recently moving to New York, I eagerly (attempted) to join Team New York aquatics (TNYA). After paying one of the most expensive workout fees in the aquatics world and traveling over 45 minuets to get to a pool, I was informed that they limit how many people they allow to swim in each lane. After venting my frustration, I returned to dress and noted three swimmers just arriving. Later, I observed all three of these (long time members) were allowed to swim. I was never informed of such a policy and by the behavior of the director, it appears to be a good old (gay) boys club. Its never easy being gay, I've met persecution in many forms, but never expected it here. Not surprisingly, I found more acceptance at on the straight team. From now on, when it comes to competition, I'll be scoring points for the straight guys after this experience.

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