BB Chrysalis (Surrogacy in Thailand)

BB Chrysalis (Surrogacy in Thailand)

BB Chrysalis (previously IVF Experts) works with renowned Reproductive Specialist Dr. Suchada, an American trained reproductive specialist providing world class fertility treatment to our patients. Her area of specialty includes embryo cultivation, embryo genetics and reproductive medicine.

The gay managed agency understands how building a family can help achieve a sense of well-being, feeling complete and giving your love to a closed one shared by a couple.

Guarantee Plan

We have been very successful in our surrogacy program and we are probably the only provider in the world who is confident enough to offer 50% money back if not successful in our program within a year. Read More

Egg Donor

We are the only Thai-egg donation program that complies with the international standards in providing the best possible outcome for our clients (Egg Donor program, IVF success rate: 84.1%).

Our advantages are:

  • Medical Guarantee: Dr. Suchada Mongkolchaipak’s renowned medical expertise
  • Patient’s Protection: The only donor plan with a legal plan
  • High Success Rate: The official success rate of the Dr. is 59.1%
  • Egg Donor: The pre-selection donor plan’s success rate is 84.1% Unlike other egg donation program, we have a regulated database that consist of only pre-screened egg donors whom have passed our medical screening within the last (6) months from the time of recommending to you. Other than the fact that we do actually screen our egg donors, we have special donors (Gold / Diamond grade donors) whom have donated their eggs through us in the past and have a record of achieving favorable outcome. Read More

Why Thailand?

There is a Thailand Surrogacy Law that one has to follow the guidelines to. We will take care of it for you and, the other reason is that unlike India - our surrogate mothers are not living a life of secrecy (to their families and friends), they live in their own homes and not in a surrogate factories (or camps) like in India.


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