Wolf Spirit Readings

Wolf Spirit Readings

As an intuitive psychic who has been reading for over 20 years, I receive images and information directly from my guides and back it up with Tarot.

Speaking of my practice, at the opening of my readings, I’ll ask my guides to come forward. I’m a straight up clairvoyant and empath and once I have somebody's name and date of birth I can tap into their energy. I feel and start telling clients what I see.

I work with my clients first by helping them find inner balance to connect with peace and empowerment.

How I started on a psychic path:
It's always been a part of my life. I learned to meditate and listen to my guides and decipher information from my guides. I pray and meditate for truth, balance, and clear messages. I've always wanted to build a business around healing and empowering people.

A lot of my readings are very visual, like I have a screen to the side of my vision. We're all intuitive beings, when you have a reading it's recommended to take some time afterwards to sit down and process what ones heard.

All I really do is read energy, and if there's something that doesn't sit well with you, you can sit down and meditate and pray about it. If it's something that you absolutely want to happen, you need to sit down and BELIEVE it.

If you could take a moment to merely sit down with yourself and scan over your personal notes, so much of what I do is teaching people about spirituality in ones readings, to be balanced and listen to their own voice.

~ I am the keeper of secrets ~
~ I am a loyal woman whom you can trust with your deepest emotions and dreams ~
~ I'd like to think I make others feel welcome and at home ~

In all, I'm a renaissance type of a woman, who is good at many crafts and skills.

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