Elena Undone - Searing Love Story

Elena Undone - Searing Love Story

Elena Undone is sexy and smart. A classic romance movie with a twist, veteran lesbian writer Nicole Conn’s (Claire of the Moon, little man) latest effort unleashes the Longest Kiss in Cinema History - with Two Women!

With a healthy dose of captivating drama and passionate sex and romance, "Elena Undone" combines the enchantment of falling in love for the first time with the reality and resposibilities of long-term commitments.

Before crossing paths with Peyton, falling for a woman was an unimaginable situation for Elena, a straight wife and mother. The friendship between Peyton, an out lesbian writer, and Elena, the wife of an anti-gay paster who has never experienced true love, transforms swiftly from a one-sided crush into a torrid extramarital affair. Despite their attraction, Peyton, jaded in a number of ways, has strong reservations about becoming involved with a married straight woman; Elena, recognizing that she is caught in a loveless marriage, can barely begin to rationalize the nature and magnitude of her desires.

As their relationship evolves, Elena confronts the choice of leaving her husband or ending her involvement with Peyton to save her unraveling and unrewarding marriage and return to a drab and automated life. Above all, Elena faces the looming challenge of convincing Peyton that the two women have a bright future together despite their unfavorable circumstances.

Writer/Director Nicole Conn confidently tackles issues of religion, sex, family and commitment in this contemporary story about star-crossed lovers and the walls between them.

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