Eikasia: A Free Fantasy Serial

Eikasia: A Free Fantasy Serial

Eikasia is a fantasy weblit (AKA online fiction story) posted in serial format. It is 100% percent free. Here’s some quick information to get you started:

Update Schedule: Every Friday. (GMT -8)

Written By: Illise Montoya

Genre: Sword and Sorcery (Fantasy), Horror, Romance, and a bit of razor edged Humor.

Rating: Mature (graphic violence, sexual situations, and strong language)

Story Summary: On a tower of metal and light, a girl faces an uncertain future. Awash with the tears of gods, a warrior stares down the universe. Together they journey across dangerous lands, to spare the world a demon's madness. Humor, romance, and fantasy blend together in this interesting tale about the things we see and the things we don't. Eikasia--Sometimes, all you need is a little perspective!

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