, Evolving Genius Awards, Evolving Genius Awards

Our passion is Honoring People Anonymously & inspiring others to do the same. Our poetic Awards of Honor encourage family & friends to share love & joy unconditionally (anonymously) as thrilling surprise gifts, many continue to circulate for years. You may add a gift note if your wish.

These awards deeply honor both givers & receivers, bringing huge smiles to fellow secret instigators. A simple, fun way to teach & demonstrate giving unconditional love. Kids of all ages adore getting a positive surprise in their mail! Join the fun! Here are some Honoring Awards:

Certificate of Sainthood, Childlike Wonder, Elegant Enchantress, Free Spirit, Gifted & Talented Child/ Youth, Glorious Gratitude, Grandmother of Honor, Honorary Caregiver of Light, Humanitarian Healing, Humanitarian Hero, Illustrious Instigator, Lifelong Learning, Lovable Laughter, Loving Kindness, Mother of Honor, Musical Mastery, Profound Pedagogue, Spirit of Compassion, Valuable Volunteer, Wisdom Keeper


Our sassy Wake-up Call Awards inspire us all to Courageously Tell the Truth Anonymously, keeping the focus on the sassy message while keeping you safely out of the picture. Brilliant! These awards range from quirky, funny ones like the Beneficial Bullshitter & Drama Queen of the Universe to poignant clarity about annoying dysfunctional behaviors, like Passionate Pack-rat, Gossip Monger, Mindless Moocher or Narcissistic Numbskull Awards.

Poetic, sassy wake-up call awards also sport a touch of humor, giving honest truth-telling a softer place to land. *All awards are 5x7, perfect for framing!

*Join the best “Who Dunn-it Mystery,” ever joyfully circulated! 

~All purchases support our Free Honoring Awards Programs for Care Givers!

Award-winning Comedy Shows: Ranting of a Psychic Grandmother

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 Makes the perfect gift!, 10-07-2020 12:22PM

By: Anonymous

Evolving Genius Awards are the perfect way to express yourself! There is something for everyone. These heartfelt, lovingly crafted messages look handsome displayed in a photo frame, and are perfectly gift-able.

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 Anonymous Expression Awards, 10-06-2020 06:46PM

By: Barbara

Fun, humorous awards that fit any situation

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