Ranting of a Psychic Grandmother Clean Comedy

Ranting of a Psychic Grandmother Clean Comedy

Invite Iris, the Honorable Ranting Psychic Grandmother, to ignite fits of laughter and warm hearts with hilarious, poignant acknowledgements. Honoring people in funny, heart-felt ways brings everyone great joy! Laughing about the shadow sides of human nature in funny, non-threatening ways is educational and super funny too. Audience participants get to keep their memorable awards which I love to provide! Universal comedy everyone understands!
I take great pride in my evolved social skills. I have been a professional event entertainer for about 25 years. I have an impressive corporate client list and am I honestly adored by many rich and famous clients.

My Heart-warming comedy will honor and roast your employees or guests with keepsake awards.
Family friendly, uplifting and super funny~                          
Suitable for most occasions and ages.
I delight in awakening our playful, creative inner child  through humor, laughter, encouragement and playful honoring. I also shed light on our adult negative behaviors with really funny, poetic awards.
Our World Famous Funny Honoring Awards include:
* Loveable Laughter   * Glorious Gratitude  
* Gifted and Talented  Child * Musical Spirit   * Lifelong Learning   * Loving Kindness  * Child-like Wonder                        * Spirit of Integrity  * You’re So Very Special  * Profound Pedagogue Of Honor   * Illustrious Instigator   * Wisdom Keeper
The Sassy Side of Human Nature Awards include:
* Beneficial Bull-shitter * Cantankerous Old Coot  * Coercive Co-worker * Conscientious Couch Potato  
* Drama Queen of the Universe * Rebel Without  A Clue   * Judgmental Jackass  * Dastardly Dirty Old Man
* Morbid Martyrdom  * Uninformed Reformer  * Stupendous Superiority
“When you want to smack someone upside the head, give them a sassy award instead!”

“When you take your laughter seriously, your life with positively change!”

Call Iris Barratt 303 719 6700 to reserve your event date.

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 Funny & Heartwarming Comedy, 11-16-2017 03:41PM

By: Tina Claiborne, Awakening Visions

Iris K Barratt's Classy & Sassy Comedy Show won our company's Awakening Visions Award for Comedy this year! (2017) Criteria: Uplifting, funny, adaptable for many ages and groups, has giveaway gifts for audience members, abundant audience participation and their positive responses and overall presentation!
Highly recommended for teenage to senior ages. Clean comedy or not!
Everyone was thrilled to get and keep and pass on these creative, funny awards. Already have her coming back in April.

 Awesome Event, 08-28-2017 06:01PM

By: Sabi

It totally rocked!. Soooo much fun. Different kind of humor in a really good way, not the old stand up comedy routine, but clean smart funny, good for kids too. If you have some jackass in your life - and who doesn’t have at least one - those rewards totally hit the spot. They are not mean but a funny way to get the point across. For the person(s) in your life that sometimes drives you crazy and you either can’t deck them or know that won’t be effective, an award like that totally hits the nail on the head in way where they actually get. It may or may not be funny for them but it sure as hell was funny for me. Thanks Iris.

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