Mystical Entertainers for Events

Mystical Entertainers for Events

Award-winning psychic, Grandma Iris will grab your ears & twist hard, ranting about the worst parts of psychic awareness. She empowers audiences with funny Sassy Awards, confronting our annoying sides in hilarious, discreet ways.

People are amazed by her psychic ability to know who needs these outrageously funny wake-up call awards to secretly give others. Watch out Mindless Moochers, Judgmental Jackasses, Passionate Pack-rats, Drama Queens of the Universe, Dasterdly Dirty Old Men, Morbid Martyrs, Couch Potatoes and more! Over 30 Sassy Awards to choose from! 

Iris also intuitively selects and honors others with heartfelt, funny awards like, Lovable Laughter, Child-like Wonder, Free Spirit and Glorious Gratitude. (over 40 heartfelt, amusing Honoring Classy Awards. All awards showcase her genuine psychic ability and bring surprising humor & positive recognition audiences adore.

Heart-warming comedy to honor and roast your employees or guests with keepsake awards.

Invite the Honorable Classy & Sassy Awards Queen to ignite fits of laughter and warm hearts with hilarious, poignant acknowledgements.

Family friendly, (or not) always uplifting and super funny~  Suitable for most occasions and ages.

  Fast paced, interactive, award-winning! Our Ranting Grandma Iris is based in Denver, Colorado.

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