Chuck Stewart Ph.D. LGBTQ Educator Historian Writer

Chuck Stewart Ph.D. LGBTQ Educator Historian Writer

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. This has been my life. It has been very interesting. I still love ballet, automotive design, physics/math, and writing. I’ve taken many risks, succeeded at some, and failed at others. The experiences and people have made my life very rewarding.

Here are some of my current projects:

  • Teach math, statistics, physics, and physical science at the university level.
  • I am one of the leading authorities on LGBTQ culture, politics, and history. It would be great to teach semester-long classes on the topic at the university level, and/or conduct diversity-training workshops for businesses, educational institutions, and police.
  • I write, on average, one academic book a year on LGBTQ topics besides other smaller writing projects.
  • I have written/edited 18 academic books and encyclopedias (representing over three million published words) and hundreds of academic articles.
  • I enjoy writing screenplays and novels. Come to me with your ideas. Maybe we could collaborate.
  • See the Books & Articles link for all the books released in 2020 besides my past writings.
  • Teach professional-level ballroom dancing.

Have fun perusing the website.

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