Gulf Coast Psychotherapy, LLC

Gulf Coast Psychotherapy, LLC

Gulf Coast Psychotherapy, LLC provides comprehensive traditional and non-traditional psycho-therapeutic services, for all ages, in a confidential, relaxed atmosphere. We are sensitive to the needs of traditional and non traditional families as well as the needs of the LGBT community. Each patient is provided individual treatment based on their specific needs. Our goal is not only to address symptoms and achieve a higher quality of life but also to teach skills that will allow patients to maintain progress in the future.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy are two of the most effective approaches utilized at Gulf Coast Psychotherapy, LLC to help patients achieve and maintain their goals. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches life skills, symptom management and challenges negative, unhealthy life beliefs and choices. Solution Focused Therapy focuses on solutions to challenges rather than the challenges themselves. This allows one to place more emphasis and energy on reducing symptoms and achieving goals while minimizing obstacles.

We believe that many therapeutic approaches should be offered to increase patient wellness. Gulf Coast Psychotherapy, LLC offers: guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, experiential based therapy, animal-assisted therapy, interactive metronome, neurofeedback and Art Therapy. These approaches are quite effective for those who find it difficult to verbalize their feelings or those who find talk therapy challenging. Often times these approaches eliminate barriers that would otherwise prevent full recovery or complete attainment of goals.

Our clinicians are quite knowledgable about the challenges faced in the LGBTQ community and develop a specific treatment approach for all patients. We specialize in helping families navigate the challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals. We are strong advocates for the LGBTQ community and have a vision of equality and providing outstanding services for all.

Gulf Coast Psychotherapy, LLC also offers Divorce Mediation Services with dignity while protecting the well being of all involved.

For convenience, we offer Video Conferencing Therapy and you don't have to be a computer geek to use this approach.  Video conferencing is a great way for therapy to be accessible and it allows patients to attend sessions while away from home, have hectic schedules or are home bound.

We accept many insurances and offer a sliding scale fee schedule.

Why Going to Therapy Does Not Mean You are Weak or Flawed:
Going to therapy is no different than going to a doctor for a physical problem.  As a society, we tend to look at emotional well being as a skill or as a matter of will power without considering the physiological affects of stress. Stress can create profound physical changes including changes in body chemistry which can lead to physiological depression or anxiety.  For many people going to therapy can improve quality of life, physical health and remove obstacles to personal growth.  In therapy, we like to remind people that emotional well being has a behavioral and physical component and we are here acting as investigators and a coaches.  Therapy is a team effort and anyone can use direction once in a while.

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Specialization(s): LGBTQ, Anxiety, Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Children and Adolescents, Adults, Older Adults, Couples

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 Great experience, 04-26-2018 06:27AM

By: Taylor Brynes

The clinicians and staff are not only accepting of diversity but are real advocates for the LGBTQ community. My therapist treated me and my wife like real people without judgement and bias. She really understands the dynamics of a marriage and helped us develop much improved communication skills and the courage to fight for our marriage.

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