Partnership Wealth Management, Financial Planning

Partnership Wealth Management, Financial Planning

Partnership Wealth Management's President is Woody Derricks, CFP®, Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor(sm).

Partnership Wealth Management is comprehensive financial services company. We are committed to providing our clients with financial planning and wealth management services to help them make the most of their investments. At Partnership Wealth Management we have a long history of working with the LGBT community. Among our many services we offer financial planning for gay couples and lesbian couples as well as estate planning for gay couples and lesbian couples. Financial planning is an important part of preparing for the future. Contact us today to get started. Our clients are typically down-to-earth people who have worked hard to create a quality of life they can enjoy for years to come. Many of our clients were not born into wealthy families. They are people who kept their debt low and invested for the future. Along the way, they likely had one significant financial inflow from real estate, a cash balance pension plan, or an inheritance.

Prospective clients typically come to us after their assets have reached a level at which they feel that they need help. We find that most have come to us because they lack the time, knowledge, or desire to manage their own finances.

While we help people from all walks of life, many of our clients are LGBT couples searching for a knowledgeable advisor to help them with their planning needs. Domestic partners face unique planning hurdles, which if not managed appropriately, could cause significant financial problems for the couple.

We are also a green, eco-friendly company.  Because we create customized portfolios for our clients, we can incorporate eco-friendly investments for those whom green investing is a priority.

Partnership Wealth Management is a Regsitered Investment Advisor and only offers fee-based investing.

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