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 Excellent Baby Nurse and Newborn Care, 07-22-2022 07:34AM

By: Drew L

Ms. Veronica had worked with me for the past 3 weeks on 24hrs shift.
During this time , she has treated me and my son as her own family.
I am a single guy parent by choice, with little of experience on newborn care so I relied on Ms. Veronica for liberally everything.
Not only she has tauhgt me how to feed and care for my son, but also run a household taking care of my son, my two dogs and myself, cooking, cleaning and washing, with many friends and relatives visiting, she has prepared meals not only for me, but for my friends with children staying with us.
She has become part of our family. She has also given me the confidence to take care of my son in every regard and I recomend her to anyone who feels they need helpnwith a newborn.

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